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                                                                                     LAND OF OPPORTUNITIES

             MESSAGE FROM

             BUI THANH SON

             Dear readers,

             With the initiation of the ĐỔI MỚI (Reform) process 35 years ago, Viet Nam embarked on a
             remarkable development trajectory, becoming a vibrant and dynamic economy in the Asia-Pacific
             region. Despite the disruptive impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, Viet Nam is one of the few
             economies in the world to still manage to expand its GDP, recording 2.91% growth in 2020.

             This resilience and dynamism comes from Viet Nam’s success in proactively and effectively
             integrating with the world’s economy and in playing increasingly important roles in global
             production and value chains. As a strong supporter of the multilateral trading system, Viet Nam
             participates in some of the most pivotal international frameworks for economic cooperation
             and integration, including high standard, new generation FTAs such as the CPTPP, RCEP, and
             EVFTA. Today, Viet Nam lies at the heart of an extensive network of 15 bilateral and multilateral
             FTAs, which open up the highway of international trade and  investment, among other fields
             of cooperation.

             The 13th National Congress of the Communist Party of Viet Nam in early 2021 set important
             national development goals for 2030 and a vision for Viet Nam to become a high income,
             developed country by 2045. To reach these goals, the Government of Viet Nam commits to
             renewing and upgrading the growth model, with an emphasis on innovation, creativity, green
             transformation, sustainability, and inclusiveness. Optimizing its internal strengths, resources,
             and ingenuity remains the bedrock of Viet Nam’s development strategy, but it also identifies
             foreign trade, capital, technology, and know-how, which come with from cooperation and
             engagement with international partners, as a key driver of growth for the economy. Thus,
             the Government commits to creating a favorable environment for businesses, including
             foreign companies, to operate and invest in Viet Nam, especially in the areas of advanced and
             green  technologies, smart agriculture, infrastructure, sustainable  tourism, and human
             resources development, etc.

             I hope this book will offer readers insights into Viet Nam’s economic potential and convey
             the message that Viet Nam, a land of opportunities, is open and ready for business.
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