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Congratulations on Icelandic Independence Day                                             LEADERS

        VIETNAM PICKS NO SIDE                                                 our two countries,” he said. “There is much
                                                                              potential to fulfill the aspirations and interests
                                                                              of  both  peoples,  for  peace,  stability,  and
        As part of his working visit to the US from May 11 to 17, Prime Minister Pham  cooperation in the region and the world.”
        Minh Chinh delivered an address at the Center for Strategic and International  Speaking about international relations
        Studies (CSIS) spotlighting Vietnam’s perspective for a better world.  in  a  world  full  of  turbulence,  the  Prime
                                                                              Minister  placed  emphasis  on  sincerity,
                                                                              trust, and a sense of responsibility, which
         QUOC UY Reports
                                                                              are,  he  believes,  key  for  all  countries  to
                                                                              address their differences and disputes.
                                                                                 “Sincerity, trust, and a sense of respon-
                                                                              sibility play an essential role in addressing
                                                                              the issues facing the world today,” he told
                                                                              the  gathering.  “A  lack  of  sincerity,  trust,
                                                                              and responsibility create tensions and con-
                                                                              flict and hinder general cooperation between
                                                                              countries  and  in  responding  to  regional
                                                                              and global challenges.” He added that equal
                                                                              and  mutually-beneficial  cooperation  on
                                                                              the basis of mutual respect is one of the
                                                                              best ways to settle existing issues among
                                                                              countries and build a better world.
                                                                                 The Prime Minister then clarified Vietnam’s
                                                                              views on demonstrating sincerity, strength-
                                                                              ening trust, and bolstering responsibility in
                                                                              its  cooperation  with  other  countries,  the
                                                                              region, and the international community.
                                                                                 “Vietnam  continues  to  persevere  with
                                                                              its foreign policy of independence, peace,
                                                                              friendship, cooperation, and development,”
                                                                              he said. “It seeks to diversify and multi-lat-
                                                                              eralize relations. It is a responsible member
                                                                              of the international community. Vietnam
                                                                              has always been consistent and transparent
                                                                              in making and conducting this policy line.”
                                                                              He stressed that “in a world full of turbulence,
                                                                              strategic  competition  and  a  great  many
                                                                              choices, Vietnam picks no side. Instead, it
              uring  his  first  visit  to  the  US  as  mutual respect, pursuant to the interests  chooses justice, fairness and goodness, based
              Prime  Minister,  from  May  11  to  and desires of the two countries and peo-  on the principles of international law and
        D 17,  Mr.  Pham  Minh  Chinh      ples.  We  have  overcome  our  differences  the UN Charter. It chooses equality, shared
        attended the second Special ASEAN - US  and reached common foundational prin-  benefits for all, and win-win for all.”
        Summit at the invitation of US President  ciples for the relationship.”  “Between independence and depend-
        Joe Biden, while also meeting with leaders  He  expressed  Vietnam’s  desire  to  ence, our choice is always independence,
        from the US Congress, Cabinet Secretaries  strengthen its cooperation with the US on  in the spirit of ‘Nothing is more precious
        in the Biden Administration, scholars, and  the basis of bolstering trust and responsi-  than independence and freedom’, to quote
        business leaders, among others.    bility, in the interests of the two peoples  President  Ho  Chi  Minh,”  he  went  on.
          Notably, among ASEAN leaders at the  and for peace, cooperation, and develop-  “Between negotiation and confrontation,
        Summit,  Prime  Minister  Chinh  was  the  ment in the region and the world.  we choose negotiation; between dialogue
        only one invited to address the CSIS. He  “To fulfill its national development targets,  and conflict, we choose dialogue; between
        was  the  third  Vietnamese  leader  since  Vietnam  cannot  go  alone,”  he  went  on,  peace and war, we choose peace. Between
        2013  to  do  so,  joining  State  President  adding that “to go far, we need friends.”   competition and cooperation, we choose
        Truong Tan Sang, in 2013, and Party Gen-  The Vietnamese leader touched on the  cooperation.  If  there  is  competition,  it
        eral Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, in 2015.  positive achievements recorded by Vietnam  must be healthy and equal, and conducted
        His May 11 speech was broadcast live on  and the US in their joint efforts to speed  with respect given to each other’s lawful
        tech platforms by the CSIS.        up the partnership in the political, eco-  and legitimate rights and interests.”
          On the progressive development of the  nomic, education and training, and defense  Such views are appreciated, as they are
        relationship between Vietnam and the US,  and security fields since the normalization  in line with the world’s common trend for
        he emphasized: “We are all elated to witness  of relations.           peace, stability, dialogue, and cooperation
        the extraordinary growth of the relationship  “Given the groundwork put in over the  for development.
        between Vietnam and the US in the three  past three decades, we need to build upon  Prime  Minister  Chinh’s  US  trip  was
        decades since the normalization of relations  sincerity, trust, respect, and responsibility,  fruitful in many regards. It helped the US
        in  1995.  The  relationship  has  flourished  not  only  in  our  shared  efforts  to  address  and  the  rest  of  the  world  gain  a  better
        and blossomed, thanks to both sides’ efforts,  issues surrounding the legacy of war to heal  understanding of Vietnam, thus opening
        nurtured by sincerity, trust, and a sense of  the wounds in both nations, but also to fur-  up greater opportunities for bilateral and
        responsibility, by sympathy, sharing and  ther nurture the bond of cooperation between  multilateral cooperation. %
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